Kiwi is a deagle. cross with a dog, an eagle, and a cat. she is the pet of the family along with merc. she is pheobes best friend. she was made by your founder, Digger2808, who is at the moment acting as a wikia contributer.


Bouncy, afectionatte, and loveable, Kiwi is the sweetwest Deagle youll ever meet!

This miles has to dieEdit

T H I S  M I L E S  H A S  T O  D I E

W E  N E V E R  K E E P  O N  S T O P P I N G

Fanon EpiaodesEdit

It's the only sequel of miles.


  • A Bacon
  • Another Astro Blodger!!!!
  • Any Ideas for your Brithday
  • Any-Things-That-Go-Together Solider
  • Appite
  • Are you Bowling?
  • After: Miles's Dad goes Bombs Away!
  • All


  • Big Bully
  • Bar
  • Bits of Miles
  • Bucky
  • Been a MLG Saiyan
  • Biana Sandiwch
  • Bew Halapingyos
  • Bye Bye
  • By the Doctor
  • Bowing in the Talent show
  • Bit


  • Cro-tastic


Kiwi has the skills of a true leader, she is always ready for actio!


Kiwi has a quest coler, which is a questcom for dogs. it is like the Paw patrol pup tags. she also has an automatic satilite which activates when she hears somthing interetcting, she has robotic tools though she is not a robot.


stranded! (debute)


coming soon